Barista Skills

Price: $295 Per Person

Time: 2-3 Hours

Max Capacity: 2 People / 1 Company

Shared Roasting's customizable Barista Skills Class is designed to support a wide range of coffee enthusiasts (beginners to experienced baristas, new cafe owners, restaurant managers, roasters, etc) to continue exploring the art and science of dialing-in, evaluating, and brewing delicious coffee consistency.

The Barista Skills Class is a highly-focused, hands-on class designed to provide clients with the technical framework and experience to become a more well-rounded barista.

Similar to all coffee classes at Shared Roasting, we emphasize a learn-by-doing approach, introduce, discuss and explore different brew methods and concepts with the goal of empowering each client to understand and confidently brew different types of coffees using a range of brew methods.

This class is taught by a former national-level barista competitor (2018 US Barista Competition), competition judge, cafe owner (Space Craft Coffee in Brooklyn, NY), pop-up cafe operator, and barista trainer.

Students will gain experience working with a range of professional/commercial coffee equipment including Mahlkonig, Bunn and Compak grinders, a Slayer Espresso machine, Fetco batch brewer and more. 

After signing up for the class, Shared Roasting will invite students to visit the roastery (or call, if preferred) to discuss their current barista experiences and goals for the class with the objective of being as efficient as possible during the one-on-one class time. 

Previous popular class topics have included:

1) Extraction theory and framework for developing new and repeatable brew recipes

2) Development of custom coffee dial-in procedures

3) Pairing coffee with milk, milk steaming and latte art skills

4) Selecting and optimizing roasts/coffees for specific brew methods

5) Competition advice/training 

6) Troubleshooting commonly-encountered errors behind bar 

7) Understanding basic roasting terminology to become a more well-rounded barista

After successful completion of the class, students will receive a Certificate of Completion and are encouraged to stay in touch with additional questions and participate in future events as a member of the Shared Roasting coffee community.

*All class materials are supplied by Shared Roasting, unless students have specific requests for the class.