Opening a Cafe in NYC

Price: $495 per person

Time: 3-4 Hours

Max Capacity: 4 People

This course is the definitive step-by-step guide on how to open a coffee shop in NYC.

This class is taught by former cafe owners in NYC with extensive experience in opening cafes, restaurants, and bars. In this class we cover the following:

-Finding a location

-How to determine if a location is suitable (from both a business and zoning perspective) for a cafe

-How to negotiate a lease: While we still strongly advise you retain a commercial lease lawyer, this class can cover the general points of contention during lease negotitations (NNN lease versus traditional lease, subordination non-disturbance clauses, Good Guy Guarantees, COVID Escape Clauses)

-Design & Pre-Construction Permitting: We advise on architectural services and how the Department of Buildings works. Do you need an asbestos inspection before construction begins? Does your bathroom need to be American Disabilities Act ("ADA") compliant? How much should all this cost?

-Construction: We can advise on construction questions. Did you know espresso machines require a 220 volt electrical line? Did you know you need both a three compartment sink and a seperate handwash sink? (And if you have a high-temp dishwasher, you do not need a three compartment sink)

-Operations: As a final part of this class, we teach you the day to day operations of a cafe. Everything from choosing the right point of sale ("POS") system to hiring baristas. Did you know sales tax (8.875%) is paid on a quarterly basis but you get a discount if you pay it on a monthly basis? 

There is no class like this in NYC! Why spend thousands on retaining lawyers, architects, and contractors when we can answer most of your questions here!

General availability: First Saturday of every month