Production Roasting on a Loring

Roasting on a Loring Class

Price: $495 per person

Time: 2-3 Hours

1-on-1 class for experienced roasters to learn how to roast on a Loring Smart Roast

This class is designed to introduce students to the Loring Smart Roast machine. A roaster preferred by a growing number of professional roasters across the world due to its consistency, efficiency and advanced automation capabilities, roasting on a Loring can greatly benefit a range of different types of coffee businesses of different sizes.

Similar to all the roasting classes at Shared, this class emphasizes a hands-on approach to understanding the unique Loring roast system from a holistic perspective to then understand how heat application applies to the art and science of roasting within the convection-based system.

Our instructor, who has roasted on a wide range of roast systems, will compare and contrast different roast systems, discuss how to avoid potential commonly-made mistakes for new Loring roasters, discuss the software and automation features, and how to design an efficient production workflow for your unique business needs, taking full advantage of the machine’s capabilities in a safe manner.

*Shared Roasting will provide 30lbs of greens to use during the class, and students tend to benefit the most when they send their greens over to roast immediately after the class while the concepts are still fresh.


General availability: Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday mornings