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Starting an E-Commerce Coffee Business


Price: $495 per person

Time: 3-4 Hours

Max Capacity: 2 People

This customizable, interactive course is designed for entrepreneurs looking to set-up an e-commerce and wholesale coffee sales channels

Previous class curriculums have included topics such as:

 - Developing your brand's unique coffee package design and procurement
- Considerations around selling perishable products / freshness
- Developing product menu options, ex. Whole bean vs Ground, Light vs Dark roasts, Blends vs Single Origins, Espresso vs Drip, etc. - Copywriting for labels
- Optimizing your customer's brew/enjoyment of your coffee at home

- Packing and fulfillment
- Setting up an online sales platform / website
- Digital marketing strategies
- Shipping rates and optimizing logistics
- Pricing your unique product

- Selling to cafes and restaurants
- Registering and setting up a business entity
- Finance and accounting to optimize return on investment (capital+time)
- Budgeting for your business's growth
- Developing your unique business plan

After completing the course, it is common for students to successfully start selling  coffee through their new sales channels within 1-2 weeks. Inquire for additional details!